Michelle Qin

LIT Christmas Campaign

Yin played as the advertising creative role in this campaign. She was the creator of the campaign wireframe, initial storyline, leading the whole team to make the storyline into realization from scratch.  She acted as the advisor for script writing, location scout, props preparation, video shoot and post-production to make sure each stage of work follow the plan. She also raised the marketing plan associated with this campaign.


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Director: Kaibo Xu (许凯博)

Assistant director: Hao Cheng (程郝)

Supervisor: Shuang Cao(曹爽)

Advertising Creative: Yin Qin (秦殷)

Producer: Siyu Zhang (张司雨)

Director of Photography: Letao Qu (曲乐陶)

Director of Lighting: Yaxu Xing (邢亚旭)

Photography Assistant: :Linhe Fan (范林鹤)

Lighting Assistant: Jihao Liu(刘济豪), Tianlei Sun (孙天磊)

Script Supervisor: Yuxin Chen (陈玉鑫)